Why Kiran Palace’s Clay Oven Cooked Delicacies are worth a try!

Clay ovens have a long traditional history in the kitchens of India, Pakistan, the Middle East, China, and also some parts of Central Asia. Earthen ovens have been used in cooking since millennials. In earlier times, when metal utensils were not as prevalent, earthen pots and clay ovens were used to cook food. These ovens were built in the ground and it took the majority of the day to slow cook one dish in these ovens. Irrespective of the time that it takes to cook food in clay ovens, the end results taste heavenly.

With the advent of modern cooking appliances like electric stoves, microwave ovens, etc.,

clay ovens may have disappeared from household kitchens. However, the unmatchable taste of tandoori delicacies is still cherished, thanks to traditionally trained professionals. At Kiran Palace, we serve authentically prepared tandoori specials from our signature chicken tikka to tandoori mixed grill. Our chefs are experts when it comes to roast chicken and kabab appetizers prepared in the most traditional cooking methods. The aim to prepare the food in a clay oven is to retain its natural vitamins and minerals which are generally lost when cooking on the gas burners. Still used in some parts of India, clay ovens provide multiple health benefits to the food, including:

  • A Rich Taste & Aroma

    Food cooked on a gas stove causes the natural scent of the food and spices to evaporate which leads to loss of natural taste and aroma. Clay ovens are designed in a simple way to lock the juice and essence of vegetables and meat as the food is cooked with perfect steam, rather than direct heat from under the pot. Hence, the food prepared in clay ovens does not burn, rather it always has an earthen aroma and tantalizingly juicy and tender meat.

  • Preserves Nutrients

    Clay oven cooking allows food to use its natural oils and does not require additional moisture in the form of oils and butter. Earthen pots and clay oven cooked food also retain their natural nutrients as there are no artificial metals of utensils which tends to burn off some vital nutrients from the foods.

  • Evenly Cooked Food

    Kiran Palace’s food preparation methods in making our famous tandoori chicken and kebabs ensure that the meat is exposed to only the required amount of heat. This results in evenly cooked food with its signature smokey, appetizing presentation, yet a perfectly tender and juicy meat on the inside.

  • Cost-Efficient & Eco-Friendly

    Given all the amazing health benefits of clay oven food, a surprising feature is that it does not require gas or electricity to prepare the food. Therefore, this is our environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable meal preparation tool that cooks food relatively fast without costing us a fortune.

At Kiran Palace, our kitchen staff and services work diligently to serve you the highest quality, most hygienically prepared, delicious meals. We strive to cook authentic, delicious Indian dishes that every bite makes you pause as you relish in the rich taste of spicy, juicy, scrumptious goodness of our classic tandoori food. So, visit Kiran Palace with your friends and family or book our catering services for your next event and enjoy truly Indian taste.

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